In Kerjaya Prospek Property Berhad (“KPPROP”), we shall remain committed to driving sustainable and responsible business practices throughout our organisation. We instil the principles of sustainability into our strategies, policies and procedures and we integrate economic, environmental, social and governance considerations into our daily decision making.

As one of the leading property development companies, sustainability is a commitment we keep close to our hearts. Instead of looking into sustainability agenda and efforts as something that is aspirational, we also take concrete action that is measurable and result-driven. We are mindful of our responsibility to our industry, our environment, our people and community. We constantly and progressively monitor the environmental impact of our operations, nurture our people’s potential and build strong ties with our local communities.

In this respect, our mission, as a responsible corporate citizen, is to ensure high standards of governance across our business to promote responsible business practices, manage environmental impacts, and meet the social needs of the community in which we operate, which is in line with our corporate culture.

KPPROP is committed to address the environmental and social impacts of our business within our operations and across our supply chain. We trust that operating a sustainable business will enable us to serve our customers for generations to come. Hence, we aspire to use our influence to engage our stakeholders to promote sustainable supply chain and thus strengthen the resilience of our business.

By engaging with stakeholders, we do our part to improve today’s environmental and societal challenges, better serve our community and simultaneously deliver outperformance for our company. We hold ourselves accountable to being proactive and solution-oriented in the effort to advance sustainable, long-term growth in the world in which we live.

To us sustainability is a natural part of being a successful business and we always strive to act in an ethical, transparent and responsible way, expecting our business partners to do the same. The fundamental level is the basic compliance level expected of all business partners doing business with KPPROP. The aspirational level shows where we want to go long term, and that compliance is only the first step in creating a sustainable business. This means going beyond compliance with legal requirements and focusing on constant improvements.