Rediscover Exclusive Living

Wake up to the melodious symphony of birds. Take a leisurely stroll along lush green canopies. 100 Residency brilliantly embraces the best of modern lifestyles and exclusive pleasures.

Designed as an all-encompassing freehold living space, here you are free to explore an endless panorama of life’s portraits. Chill with friends over a toast of exquisite red wine, spend a blissful evening dining with your loved one or simply unwind at home with front row seats to an immaculate sunset.

At 100 Residency, everything comes together in perfection.

Immersed In Pleasures

100 Residency boasts an impressive range of facilities designed for your enjoyment and convenience such as Jacuzzi, Sauna, Children Play Pool, Community Lounge, Children Play Area and a Gym overlooking the Infinity Pool. Indeed, the best of life’s pleasures are at your doorstep.




For more details, kindly download the brochure of Residency 100